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Project name: Valorization and use of the Mediterranean Forest – the case of the Municipality of Loulé

Project code: ALG-05-3928-FEDER-000044

Main target: Promote employment and support labor mobility

Intervention region: Algarve

Beneficiary entities: Manuel Viegas Guerreiro Foundation e Loulé City Council


Approval date: March 15, 2021

Start date: April 1, 2021

Conclusion date: April 1, 2023

Total eligible cost: 150.000,00€

Financial support from EU: FEDER 105.000,00€


Objectives, activities and expected results:

It intends to diagnose the situation of the socio-ecological systems that support the Mediterranean forest in the municipality of Loulé, in its various aspects, and to identify the productive potential of these systems, bearing in mind the homogeneous sub-regions with expression (Litoral, Barrocal, Beira Serra and Serra do Caldeirão).